Friday, 24 March 2017

White Dental Fillings

Fillings Without Any Metals

Most people are familiar with the common silver-mercury amalgam filling that has been used by dental practices for many years. So you might be happy to know that instead, we use modern materials that don't contain any metal. These are made of composite resin that bonds tightly to tooth structure, which reduces the chances of decay setting in. Since they're made to match the tooth color, the filling is nearly invisible. They also add strength to a tooth's structure and function very naturally. Our patients love that we use the latest materials that both protect their tooth and look great.

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  1. Nice post!! Good to go through it. I am planning to take my mom to dentist Manhattan Beach for her dental implant. Her teeth are getting affected with cavity. So will take her there for the implant. Have heard a lot about this dentist from friends.