Friday, 18 November 2016

Children's Dental Sealants

Your Dentist is Important for Your Children's Well-Being

We emphasize the importance to both children and parents in taking care of permanent teeth. We teach proper care of teeth and gums at home, so children will keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Children's teeth are easily susceptible to cavities for various reasons. They do not brush as thoroughly and carefully as needed. We ask parents to ensure they do a good job until they can care for their teeth without supervision.

As children eat frequently throughout the day, they are continually exposing their teeth to the acid developed in the mouth from chewing and drinking. Improperly cleaned teeth stimulate additional acid production, which encourages the start of dental caries. It also increases the rate at which cavities develop. Any amount of decay is permanent damage that needs a restoration.

With improved daily hygiene, more nutritious food and drink choices, and a sealant applied to the teeth, the risk of cavity development can be significantly reduced.

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