Tuesday 28 August 2018

Lifestyle & Your Oral Health

Learn more about how your lifestyle can affect your oral health.

The above video is found on the American Dental Association YouTube Channel.

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  1. You should understand that good oral health is the most important for good overall health. Because oral health and overall health are interdependent. So if you keep clean and healthy your oral health the overall health will also improve.

    Many people worry and think about how to improve overall health. So they should first care of their oral health. There are many ways to improve oral health. According to the American dental association, brush your teeth twice in a day on a regular basis. Brushing the teeth is the most important habit.

    Dental floss is also essential. Dentists recommend that you should floss your teeth once in a day. You should also avoid high sugary foods and acidic foods. These foods can damage your oral health. Your video is interesting and very informative. Thanks for sharing.